Podacel offers the most comprehensive selection of light B15 and A60 fire-resistant glazing structures in the market – doors, windows and wall structures – for indoor use onboard vessels. 

Our selection covers a wide range of different B15 and A60 glass doors and wall structures for a variety of different purposes.
One of our newest products is the space-saving super wide glazed tandem sliding door that is suitable for extra wide openings.

Have a look at our other brand new B15 glazed “DELI” doors >


ProductNameFire ClassSound Reduction (dB)Max element size (mm)NotesTechnical information
1. Glazed hinged door - single or doubleLight weight glass doorB1530Single 1513 x 2484
Double 2928 x 2484
PDF Coming soon
2. Glazed hinged door, single or doubleGlazed hinged
door with high
sound insulation.
B1542Single 1580 x 2875
Double 3047 x 2875
PDF Coming soon
3. Tandem sliding
Super Wide sliding
door application
B1530C/O Single 1265 x 2640
C/O Double 2549 x 2640
C/O Triple 3854 x 2640
Opening width unlimitedPDF Coming soon
4. Glazed hinged
door -single or double
Glazed hinged
A6040Single 1378 x 2500
Double 2658 x 2500
PDF Coming soon
5. Glazed partition /
Glazed partition / windowB15341459 x 2582Continuous glass wall, wall width unlimitedPDF Coming soon
6. Glazed bulkhead,
high sound insulation
Glazed bulkhead
with high sound
B15461438 x 273043 mm sound ins. fi re glass or 50 mm sandwich panelPDF Coming soon
7. Butt joint glass wallPlain glass wallB15391082 x 2735Continuous glass wall, wall width unlimitedPDF Coming soon
8. Glazed partition /
Glazed partition /
A60401482 x 2578Continuous glass wall, wall width unlimitedPDF Coming soon
9. B-15 Glazed hinged door, single with electric lockGlazed hinged
door DELI
B15381520 x 2485Available with decorative metal net, led lights, smart
glass and digiprints laminated inside the glass panes.
Lock VingCard Signature RFID electric lock (4,5 V)
PDF Coming soon
10. Glazed Sliding
door, single, auto-
Glazed automatic
sliding door, single, DELI
B15C/O 1237 x 2204 Equipped with DORMA ES200 Sliding Door Operator. Available also with other automatics or manual version, with decorative metal nets, led lights, digiprints laminated inside the glass panes.PDF Coming soon

Doors can be equipped with concealed door closers and appealing barrel hinges as well as a large range of fittings including special decorative pulls, solutions for access control as well panic exit solutions.

Doors can be outfitted with automatic drive units.

Please contact us for special sizes.

Our products have light aluminium structures that allow for numerous coating possibilities.

All Pocadel products are delivered as compactly packed pre-fabricated elements, which are easy and quick for the customer to install onboard. If necessary, we also offer installation and supervisor services.


B15 Glass door ”Deli” with an electronic lock

The newest member of our product family is the B15 single leaf hinged door with a VingCard RFID electronic lock.

The door can be delivered with decorative metal nets, smart glass, led lights or digiprints laminated inside the glass panes. The only door of its kind in the market. Contact us for more detailed information.


  • tested on both sides (as Solas requires) in April 2019
  • tested with complete drive unit with Dorma ES200 automation
  • no treshold
  • with B15 bulkhead penetration for drive unit cables
  • automatic door can be delivered without mechanical lock
  • door can be delivered manual with mechanical lock
  • with speed limiter, also available in manually driven door (“dead man’s pull”) – Pocadel’s own solution for rough sea conditions
  • glass available with decorations laminated inside the glass panes (decorative metal nets, led lights, smart glass, digi prints, coloured glass…)
  • Clear opening size 1237 x 2204 mm (door size can be exceeded as per rules, ask for max dimensions)