About Us

Knowledge makes the difference

Pocadel, established in 1997, is a company specialised in fire-resistant aluminium and glass structures for marine and offshore use. Pocadel was the first to launch fire-resistant glazed structures using aluminium frames instead of the traditional steel in ships interiors. From the very beginning, Pocadel has been a pioneer in developing new products and, as a result, the company is now a leading supplier of strategic fire-resistant glazing structures. 

All our B15 and A60 products  are certified and require a meticulous quality management system. The design and manufacturing work at the company is annually audited by Eurofins Oy. Pocadel operations comply with the ISO 9001 quality standards.  

All our products are designed and produced in our factory in Sauvo, on the southwest coast of Finland. We are happy to have active global agents and long term network of sub-contractors and material suppliers.  

Already more than 20 years major part of our products have been exported.
80 % of our doors and wall structures are delivered all over the world, and our biggest customers are located in countries that build cruise vessels, such as Italy, France, Norway and Germany. Our global offshore clientele extends from Asia to Europe.  

Pocadel is today known of high quality products and as a reliable service provider.

We have a strong position in the market and to keep it we work continuously to develop larger, safer and more fuctional fire rated glazing solutions, especially doors.

But not only the products, during the last years we have made huge work in developing our business activities and the latest step is our new ERP system.  
As design software solution we use AutoCAD.  

In future our customers are expecting from us more than only products. Fire rated doors are becoming more challenging and they need more designing and after sales services.
We are prepared to provide our customers also for consulting and expert services.