M.Sc. (Tech.) Sami Luoto has been hired as the new CEO of Pocadel Oy starting on 1 September 2020.

”After the change in ownership that took place in 2018, we at Pocadel have invested heavily into growth and improving the efficiency of our operations”, says former CEO and later Chair of the Board Maria Perrakoski.
”Sami will continue to develop the company in a determined manner, and the first thing he will focus on is the improvement of production and general operations. A big step for us in the near future will be the adoption of a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that includes all of our operations, which is scheduled to take place later this autumn.
Despite his young age, Sami has already gained diverse experience in the building of cruise ships, including practical installation tasks on board, design, production, and acting as a project manager. ”

Sami Luoto looks forward with confidence: ”I am excited to take the reins of a business that is in good shape, has the best selection of special products on the market, a broad and committed clientele, and an excellent team of professionals. The business and its products have become familiar to me over several years, as I have for example written my thesis there, looking deep into production.
Despite the current state of the cruise business, we at Pocadel continue to believe in the future of the industry.
To be able to remain a forerunner in the business, we must invest more into the development of new products, the streamlining of our operations, and the adoption of bold and novel operational concepts. At the same time, we must remember that the foundation for profitable operations is constituted by satisfied clients and motivated personnel.”   

As for the owners of Pocadel, Technical Director Reijo Salo and Chief Designer Tommy Löytynoja will remain actively involved in operations. Maria Perrakoski will continue with the company as the Marketing Director and a Senior Advisor.